Managing cultural differences
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In a Problem-Based learning environment, students have to learn as equals. Equality implies that all students view one another as partners, not competitors. Obviously, every student wants to earn good grades and wants to work with the brightest. But understanding that each student possesses certain unique knowledge that could be of benefit to the group is important. Therefore, it is crucial that the teacher guides the student in the direction that will facilitate communication, mutual understanding and an exchange of ideas without prejudice. 

Therefore, well managed cultural diversity in the classroom and PBL groups ensures an uninterrupted learning process and allows the benefits of such a setting come into fruition. 

Managing cultural diversity is also of benefit to you – the teacher. This is because when you have people with different cultural perspectives in the room, it can lead to challenges for teaching staff or even conflicts between students. Conflicts generally occur in the context where individuals are not willing to understand each other’s cultural diversity, different ways of communication and preconceptions that they have of different cultures. 

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