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Language Barrier

About Course

Introduction to the topic

What is language barrier? How does it work? Watch the introductory video and complete the activities. This unit is explains the notion of language barriers. In this module, you will be provided with an accessible general introduction to language variation. You will learn how language barrier affects the group dynamics in a Problem-Based Learning (PBL) setting. You will also learn about PISH tools that can help solve the problem.

The author of the module is Alicja Fajfer from the University of Eastern Finland.

What Will You Learn?

  • You will know what language barrier is, what causes it, and what effects it has on PBL groups.
  • You will be able to identify approaches that minimize language barrier or break down communication.
  • You will get to know two types of methods to assist your students and yourself.

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11 months ago
Not sure if agree with all the answers of the quiz.
12 months ago
Quiz doesn't work well. Correct answers are not always obvious. Open questions require literally correct answers (eg "language background" is correct, "linguistic background" is judged incorrect.