Intercultural Teaching Portfolio

Based on the teaching portfolio template prepared by The University of the Arts Helsinki

Download link for Portfolio instructions (PDF)

What is an intercultural teaching portfolio?

A teaching portfolio tracks the development of your experience as a teacher in a multicultural classroom. Also, the portfolio documents your skills and methods used. Finally, the portfolio is a narrative document where you present your pedagogical philosophy. Writing the portfolio helps you reflect on your teaching career, explain the choices you have made and identify areas for development.


You may append the portfolio to a job application for teaching positions, or you may prepare it to document your progress for a performance review.

About the portfolio

  • Do not exceed 5-10 pages of text. The portfolio can include relevant appendices. Examples: diplomas, student feedback, course/lesson plans, supervised projects/theses.
  • Write using the first person (I). Your portfolio is your pedagogical statement.
  • You can refer to other’s work when needed but you must acknowledge the author.
  • The portfolio covers the last 5-10 years of your teaching experience. If you are at the start of your career, focus on your vision.


The structure of your portfolio will depend on your experience and the purpose for which the portfolio is used. The following structure is a suggestion. You do not have to follow it to the letter. The ‘dots’ provide prompts. You can choose which points to answer.

Personal information

Your name, contact details, date, the teaching position

My approach to teaching and learning

  • What kind of a teacher are you?
  • What principles guide you, as a teacher? What are your priorities?
  • What influences did you have?
  • How does your teaching reflect the principles of social justice and teaching ethics?

My teaching experience

  • Have you got pedagogical training?
  • Describe your experience of teaching at Higher Education Institutions: roles and responsibilities held, courses taught
  • Do you have other teaching experience?
  • Have you worked with students from diverse backgrounds?
  • Have you developed courses, study programs, teaching materials, etc.?

How am I becoming a better teacher?

  • What did you do to develop your skills? If you do not have much experience, focus on your plan to develop your skills.
  • Describe collaboration with your colleagues
  • Describe the tools that you use in your teaching, e.g. online platforms, software, frameworks
  • How do you monitor your development? How do you measure your development?
  • What feedback did you get from your students?
  • Have you won excellence awards or other forms of recognition?

Reflections on my teaching

  • Reflect on whether you have strengthened your skills
  • What helped you improve your teaching? What activities (formal or non-formal) did you find useful for that purpose?
  • Are you familiar with the latest literature on group work in multicultural classrooms?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What areas of development do you identify?


Use this section to document your achievements and experience that you describe in the previous section.